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HYDRATING products are formulated with proven moisturizers and a special selection of targeted ingredients that work together to promote moist feeling oral tissues, healthy teeth and fresh breath while creating a pH environment that is hostile to damage causing bacteria.


AO ProRinse

** Backordered **

Antioxidant oral rinse to freshen breath and moisturize oral tissues. Alcohol free.

10 fl oz bottle


AO ProRinse

Antioxidant oral rinse to freshen breath and moisturize oral tissues. Alcohol free.

32 fl oz bottle


Antioxidant Oral Care System with AO ProVantage

** Backordered **

This minty complete oral hygiene system comprises the signature AO ProVantage Gel, AO Pro Toothpaste Hydrating and AO Pro Rinse Hydrating. This refreshing Hydrating system is ideally suited for those with frequent feelings of dehydration. Stand # 1 sold separately.

60 day supply

Solid acrylic for Oral Care Systems

Stand #1 for Oral Care Systems.



AO ProToothpaste

** Backordered **

Antioxidant gel toothpaste with targeted moisturizer for dry mouth conditions. Contains fluoride.

3 oz tube


Worried about ingredients in your oral care products known to cause irritation and drying?

Learn About Hydrating »


Do you have sensitive places on your teeth?

Learn About Sensitive »

White Care

Do you professionally whiten your teeth or use teeth strips?

Learn About White Care »


Do you want an all natural alternate to traditional toothpaste?

Learn About Natural »

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