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AO ProRinse

Antioxidant-based oral rinse to freshen breath, condition teeth and gums, and boost whitening. Alcohol free.
10 fluid ounces


AO Pro Rinse/White Care is a powerful antioxidant based oral rinse that soothes oral tissues after whitening procedures, refreshes breath, and boosts whitening treatments to last longer. Unique citrus extracts nourish and bathe teeth while micro-minerals help prevent stains and make teeth more resistant to acids from food and beverages, leaving you with a bright healthy smile.

For best results, use with AO ProToothpaste/White Care and AO ProVantage Antioxidant Gel.


Combination antioxidants have been shown to act in concert and have a strong synergistic effect compared to single antioxidants.
Phloretin is a polyphenolic compound in the sub-group flavonoids and is mainly derived from apples. It is a potent antioxidant and has been shown to inhibit several types of destructive enzymes. Phloretin is known to adsorb to lipid surfaces, such as cell membranes.
Ferulic Acid
This effective, polyphenolic antioxidant is a substance found in the seeds and leaves of most plants, especially in the brans of grasses such as wheat, rice and oats. Its chemical structure strongly resembles that of curcumin, also a potent polyphenol. Polyphenols are so named because they have multiple phenolic constituents.
Hesperetin is a polyphenol like phloretin and ferulic acid, but belongs to a different subgroup of flavonoids, the flavanones. It is abundant in citrus fruits and juices. Hesperetin is a powerful ONOO (peroxynitrite) and ROS (reactive oxygen species) scavenger and promotes cellular defense activity in the protection against ONOO-involved diseases.

Other Ingredients

Perilla Ocymoides Extract
Perilla is an herb widely grown in Asia with many applications. Perilla leaf and seed extracts are rich in polyphenols, particularly luteolin and apigenin. The extract exhibits strong superoxide scavenging ability, likely the reason for its anti- inflammatory potential. Perilla extract was tested specifically for application in the oral cavity and was shown to inhibit cariogenic and periodontopathogenic bacteria.
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Grapefruit seed extract is made from the seeds and connective tissue of grapefruit. A key constituent is naringenin, a polyphenolic antioxidant of the flavonoid subgrop flavanones and responsible for grapefruit extract’s ability to exert antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant activity. Grapefruit Seed Extract has the ability to raise pH levels of body fluids and to thus create an environment non-conducive for bacteria development.
Zinc Gluconate, Zinc Lactate
Zinc is an essential trace element and naturally occurring mineral. It is needed for healthy growth and body tissue development, for strengthening the immune system and as a co-factor in many biochemical reactions. There are 2-4grams of zinc distributed throughout the human body . Zinc was first examined for halitosis in the 1970’s and was found to significantly reduce VSCs. Zinc can do so by two pathways: by its ions reacting with VSCs and converting them to compounds without odor, and by reducing the presence of oral bacteria. Zinc gluconate and lactate are commonly used in supplements and other zinc products for easier absorption and assimiliation.
This stain-lifting polymer was tested intensively and shown to lift stains by complexing with compounds that cause discoloration. A series of in vitro studies on HAP disks showed that pastes and rinses with Plasdone achieved results superior to products without it, both with regards to overall brightenss and removal of stains from tea, coffee and red wine. Plasdone is a non-oxidative, non-peroxide and non-abrasive ingredient.


Use approximately one tablespoon daily after brushing your teeth. For maximum benefits, vigorously swish for up to one minute, then expectorate (spit out). Do not swallow. Refrain from eating or drinking for about 30 minutes after use.


Antioxidant Oral Care System

** Backordered **

This important system is used to brighten teeth from surface stains. After whitening treatments, it can make teeth even brighter, soothe tissues aggravated by bleaching chemicals, and restore normal pH balance in the oral cavity. Stand sold separately.

60 day supply


AO ProToothpaste

** Backordered **

Antioxidant toothpaste with stain lifters & micro-polish to extend whitening. Contains fluoride.

3 ounces


AO ProVantage Gel

Antioxidant infused dental gel, AO ProVantage will soothe and improve the appearance of soft tissue in the oral cavity.

30 ml bottle


AO ProRinse

Antioxidant-based oral rinse to freshen breath, condition teeth and gums, and boost whitening. Alcohol free.

32 fluid ounces


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White Care

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